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‘User’ a person using the Website

‘Website’ means the PluggedIn website at (as may be amended from time to time) including but not limited to any associated chat rooms, bulletin boards and discussion forums

You’ or ‘Your’ means the person accessing the Website and applying to register as a user of the Website

Your use of the Website and Your Account is governed by these terms and conditions.


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Web site content

Content may be provided by Us, Our professional advisers, Our suppliers and contractors or Users.  We would like to keep Content available on the Website accurate and up-to-date but cannot guarantee and are not responsible for its completeness, accuracy, timeliness, integrity or if You find it objectionable.  All Users are responsible for any Content they make available on the Website and We disclaim all liability in such respect, the extent as legally permitted.

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Content is made available on the basis that neither We, Our suppliers or contractors or other Users are providing professional services or advice by providing such Content.  Content is made available for informative purposes only.

  • We reserve the right (but not the obligation) to, at Our sole discretion and for any reason, move, remove, refuse to accept, edit or pre-screen any Content without any liability for doing so.  We do not control, edit or screen Content ordinarily, however, as Users remain fully liable for any Content they place on the Website
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Code of conduct

PluggedIn considers its Website community to be very important and all registered members as part of such community.  Members can interact with one another in various ways on the Website such as Ask the Crowd chat or via forums, profits and comments on articles.

PluggedIn supports open, constructive discussion and requests that You treat other Website members and PluggedIn with respect.  In using the Website, You must

  • Not harass, insult or abuse other Website members – to do so would mean PluggedIn may revoke Your Website membership
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  • Be mindful that any information or comments You post in a Website forum is intended to be a permanent record so please take care in what you post!  We may remove Content from Website forums or close any thread/discussion on a Website forum for any reason, without any liability to You.  Please also note that Your Website membership or any rights You may have in relation to the Website may be suspended or terminated if these terms and conditions or any other Website policies are breached by You
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Terms of website use

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  • We are not responsible for the content or practices on websites for which links may appear on the Website

Suspension and Termination

We aim to make the Website available for use at all times.  Availability, ability to register or post information to or on the Website or general use of the Website may, however, be suspended or terminated at any time for any reason and We shall not be liable to You or any third party for any loss or damage suffered in connection with such suspension or termination, to the extent legally permitted.  We would only wish to suspend or terminate Website membership where You have not logged in as a member for some time or if We believe You have not complied with these terms and conditions or any other applicable policies We may have.  We reserve the right to suspend or terminate Website membership or Website use for any other reason, however.

Advertisements and Promotions

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Limitations on liability

You agree that:

  • No representations, advice or other pieces of information, however transmitted, obtained by You from or in connection with the Website creates any warranty as regards the quality or reasonable use of any products or services or any other warranty not expressly set out in these terms and conditions
  • You use the Website entirely at Your own sole risk
  • We do not warrant and exclude all liability to the extent legally permitted to do so, that: (a) the Website or any information contained or referred to in the Website is correct or suitable for any requirements You may have, (b) that the Website or Your access to the Website will be error-free or may harm any equipment You use to access the Website or that (c) any errors or inaccuracies contained on the Website will be corrected.  You also agree that if by using the Website any equipment or data which You may have needs servicing or replacing or is otherwise affected in any way, that We are not responsible for the cost, risk and expense of such servicing, replacing or other remedial or required actions

Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

We may vary these terms and conditions and our privacy policy from time to time without notice to You.  We may also vary, improve or discontinue parts of the Website without notice to You but we do aim to let You know about any major changes via the Website where reasonably possible.


You agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified against any actions, demands, losses, claims, taxes, duties, costs and expenses (including but not limited to any related professional fees which We may incur) in relation to any misuse of the Website by You or Your breach of these terms and conditions.  We will try to notify you quickly of any such matters.

Use and Storage

We may set up general requirements concerning Website use and any services We provide, such requirements to cover matters such as:

  • e-mail message quantity or size limits
  • how long e-mail messages or other posts to the Website may be stored or posted on the Website

We may delete any information from the Website at any time without any liability to You


These terms and conditions  constitute the entire agreement between Us and You in respect of Your use of the Website  and supersede any and all prior agreements, arrangements and representations (save in respect of those made fraudulently) concerning the subject matter of these terms and conditions.

If any of these terms and conditions are found to be invalid then such provision shall be severed from the other terms and conditions which shall remain fully enforceable. No waiver by Us of any term shall be deemed to be continuing or shall be deemed to be a waiver of any other term

You are not permitted to reproduce, sell or exploit for any commercial purpose any part of the Website or our services without our prior written consent.

These terms and conditions will be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Information we collect

We collect the following information:

  • When you apply to register as a member of the Website, We will collect your name, e-mail address and password. You can also provide Us with more information about You which will become a public profile.
  • If you use your Facebook profile to register as a member of the Website, the Facebook Connect terms and conditions shall apply in addition (but shall not overrule) to these terms and conditions
  • The Website uses cookies, which are programs which collect additional information. In order to learn more see, How We Use Cookies below.

What do we do with the information we gather?

We need to gather this information to provide a better service and, in particular:-

  • To see how the Website is being used
  • For Our internal record keeping
  • To send promotional emails to You about products, promotions, services or other information which We and selected third party companies may think You may find of interest using the email address You have provided unless You have asked us not to send You such information
  • To see if Our products and services can be improved
  • To contact You for market research purposes, unless You have told us not to

How we use cookies

A cookie is a piece of text that requests permission to be placed on your computer’s hard drive.  Once You grant permission, Your browser adds a small file containing such text.  A cookie allows web applications to better tailor its operations to Your individual likes and dislikes by collecting information about Your preferences.

We use cookies and share information with trusted third parties to observe Your internet use and to assemble data to improve the Website and any promotions We may offer You as well as to assess the effectiveness of such promotions.

General Points

We would like the Website’s community to be trustworthy so suggest the following as guidelines when using the Website and the internet in general:

  • Try to avoid posting personal information about You or anyone else on the Website or the internet.  Please do not post information such as Your credit card number, phone number or passwords.  If You post private information about someone else, You must first get their permission
  • Do not post anything or add any photos that are likely to embarrass You
  • Do not post anything that would enable others to find out where You live or work
  • If You believe the behaviour of another person using the Website is abusive, inappropriate or constitutes harassment, please contact Us.  Do not communicate with anyone You feel threatened by or unsafe with
  • Be wary about meeting strangers that You have met via PluggedIn in real life.  If You do so, please only do so in a public place during daylight and bring a trusted adult and (if possible) a mobile phone.
  • Your password should be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.  It should not include obvious words such as Your birthday or nickname.  Never give anyone Your password and use different passwords for different websites
  • Try to ensure that Your email and computer are protected.  Strongly consider installing a spam filter, anti-virus software, anti-spyware software and firewalls, which should be updated regularly.  Do not download a document or file from an unknown sender – delete the email without opening it otherwise Your computer may get a virus or suffer a security breach
  • Remember, public spaces on PluggedIn are indexed and searchable by major search engines so be mindful of what you write

We wish to ensure Website members are safe when using the Website.  If You have any security tips that are not mentioned above, please let us know.