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Why not take a minute and get to know the PluggedIn team.

We have a wealth of experienced writers and testers on staff dedicated to helping you get the best information about the latest tech.

Andy Cooke – Editor

Gadget geek, editor, designer and developer for PluggedIn.

Love testing out the latest gadgets so it’s handy that i work for PluggedIn! Want to see us review or write an article on something in particular? Drop me a line at or follow me @Andy_C24 on Twitter!

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Dan Grabham – Author

Dan Grabham is the Deputy Editor of TechRadar and looks after features and computing reviews.

He is a regular at tech shows, product launches and visits tech firms’ facilities regularly.

Dan has also been interviewed and quoted in a wide variety places including The Sun, BBC World Service, BBC News Online, BBC Radio 5Live, Sky News Radio and BBC Local Radio.

You can follow him @dangrabham on Twitter.

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Jonathan Weinberg – Author

Jonathan is a freelance technology and consumer journalist who has written for a range of newspapers including The Sun, Daily Mail, The Independent and The Sunday Times.

Jonathan has extensive online and digital publishing experience and was a founding member of The Sun Online.

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Alex Francis – Author

Journalist and blogger based in London, I have a passion for technology and a keen eye for the latest gadgets and gizmos.

I’ve been a lover of technology and gaming ever since the first Gameboy came out!

Things have come a long way since then, and I love seeing what the industry can come up with next.

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Sarah K – Author

I am a journalist and life-long tech addict, and have been using my passion for technology to pay the bills for several years now.

I love pretty much every tech release that comes along, but get most excited about the latest smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Apple. While I can’t always actually buy them, I still enjoy putting them through their paces!

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Anna – Author

I’ve been a journalist for a long time now, but only started writing about the tech world a couple of years ago.

Since then I’ve immersed myself fully in this exciting industry. The tech world moves at a lightning-fast pace, and I love trying to keep up – easier said than done sometimes.

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Dale Lovell – Author

I’ve been working as a journalist in the tech world for several years now, and this is by far the most exciting time for the industry.

I’ve always loved getting my hands on exciting new products, be it a laptop, smartphone or digital camera, and my job allows me to indulge this passion every day.

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Liz Griffiths – Author

I am a freelance writer and designer as well as a professional photographer.

I absolutely love anything creative from painting, photography, design, music and theatre! Apple products fascinate me – their technology is absolutely unbelievable!

When I’m not busy researching and writing, I’m doing photo shoots and filming with my video camera or editing on my much loved Mac.

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Mike Browne – Author

Hi I’m Mike – and I love taking and talking pictures!

Handy that because I’m a professional photographer, photography writer and film maker.

And when I’m not doing photography – I’m usually out enjoying the breeze on one of my motorbikes.

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Steve Thomson – Author

Steve is a complete tech geek, who loves playing with the latest cool kit.

Luckily, he writes for PluggedIn, so that’s exactly what he get’s to do!

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Jo Stephens – Author

When I’m not working, I am a netball playing shopaholic with a love of gadgets that save me time or look shiny and cool!

I have also been known to bake a mean cake and am VERY competitive when it comes to Wii sports!

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Justin – Author

Social Media & Community Manager for Comet Group Plc, PluggedIn, Laskys and Kitchen Science.

All words are my own.

Follow me on Twitter @lightsurgery or send emails to

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