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EE 4G UK release date, prices, coverage and speeds revealed

Everything Everywhere 4G is just around the corner with the super-fast service arriving to 4G smartphones on the 30 October along with a whole bunch of new extras for customers. Here’s what you need to know!

What else will we see at Apple’s iPad Mini launch?

While the iPad Mini will be the star attraction at Apple’s press event, we could also see a new iMac, MacBook laptops and the Mac Mini component computer. Here’s the latest Apple press event rumours.

GTA 5 Facebook page launched, more details imminent

Details of GTA 5 are still very hazy, as is the release date but it seems that Rockstar is slowly getting ready to give us some concrete information as they launch a GTA 5 Facebook page!

Acer announces two Windows 8 tablets

Tech giant Acer has announced that it will be joining companies such as Lenovo and HTC in launching Windows 8 devices but will these new Windows 8 tablets be a hit or a miss for Microsoft?

Apple iPhone 6: What you want to see

We asked you what was missing from the Apple iPhone 5 that you want to see in Apple’s next release, the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S). This is what you told us… still agree?

iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus… big tech launches

The Apple iPad Mini, Microsoft’s Surface tablet and a line-up of Nexus devices from Google will be making their debut in the near future ensuring that the tablet war is only just beginning!

Xbox 720 and PS4 launch date in 2013, says gaming exec

According to Matt Edmunds, COO of Stainless Games, we could be seeing the Microsoft Xbox 720 and Sony PS4 sooner rather than later despite other rumours to the contrary.

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 users grumble over soaring data bills

iPhone users have another bone to pick with iOS 6, after saying that their data usage levels have gone up, sending their mobile bills sky-high. Here’s the news on Apple’s latest iOS 6 headache.

Apple loses appeal against Samsung in UK

Apple has lost its appeal against a High Court ruling in the UK, which stated that Samsung had not infringed the design of the iPad and that the designs were ‘considerably different’.

GTA 5 release date before March 2013?

When it comes to GTA 5, what we care most about is when it will actually be launched and according to one industry analyst, we could be seeing it earlier than you think! Christmas 2012???