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How to get unlimited storage out of a free 2GB Dropbox account

A short article showing you how you can use a free Dropbox account to store and transfer unlimited files and data.

10 ways to spring clean your PC

After a while, your computer can become as cluttered as your house can! Files and unused programmes just slow your poor PC down. Tips here, like disk clean-up, running troubleshooter and using anti-virus software can help.

5 Valentine Gifts for Tech Lovers

Love is in the air as the nation prepares to romance their other halves on 14th February. And whether it be under the shimmer of moonlight, in the glow of candlelight, or the beam of a shiny new machine, check out these Valentine’s gifts technology fans will love.

What You Need to Know About Memory Cards

Memory cards are used in most digital devices, they give the user the ability to store and exchange more data than the gadget would normally allow.

How to Publish and Share a Photo Album on Facebook

Whether you want it to be seen by the whole world or just your grandmother, publishing and sharing your photo album on Facebook is a simple and speedy process. Follow our tips on how to publish your photos to Facebook.

Chrome to Phone – Take the web with you

If you have a computer connected to the Internet, an Android phone (or tablet) with version 2.2 or higher and have not heard of “Chrome to Phone” then read on. I promise you, you will thank me.

How to become a film director in your very own living room

Film, Direct and Cut your home videos and turn them into slick, flawless feature films. Then, when you have completed your masterpieces in iMovie, you can proudly share them with all your family and friends!

Printing Mac Folder Contents

There may come a time when you want to print or save the contents of a folder for reference, but unfortunately although Finder will list folder contents, it does not have any options for saving or printing them. There are however some possibilities for saving window contents or printing them, either as screenshots or as text lists of the items.

The App Store comes to the Mac

The Mac App Store allows you to browse new apps, find out what’s hot, search categories such as games, productivity, and music as well as read customer ratings and reviews. Like on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, you can purchase, download and install apps in just one click and start using them immediately.

I’ve bought my iPad, but how do I watch TV on it?

If you have an iPad or an iPhone and you want to watch a little TV when you’re on the move, you need to start using TVCatchup.