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What features you should look for when buying a new laundry appliance?

Dishwashers use a lot less water and energy than washing by hand, so it’s very eco-friendly to use one. Take a look at our handy guide brought to you by AEG.

Why is the AEG CrystalLine hob range better than any other?

Combining powerful performance with its own specific set of innovations, each cooking surface in this award-winning modular range is designed and built as the ultimate cooking area.

The 10 Best Portable Speakers for 2012

The marketeers would have you buy portable speakers for the beach, a picnic in the park or for entertaining friends in the garden while you burn some burgers. But they really come into their own on work trips and holidays. Check out our top 10.

Having Trouble Deciding Which Laptop to Buy? We Can Help!

Which laptop should I buy?! Choosing a laptop can seem like a complicated task, as there are so many models on offer, and a huge range of prices.

The Best Compact System Cameras for 2012

If you like to keep up with the latest advances in camera technology, you will have had your hands full for the past year, since the popularity of compact system cameras has resulted in even more new models being released and more manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, including Nikon and Fuji.

Understanding Digital music: iTunes, Spotify, and more

Understanding the digital music market can be a tricky thing. Read our helpful guide so you can get the most from the best digital music services around.

Warm Up this Winter with the right Electric Heater

With the snow and freezing temperatures finally hitting the UK, there’s never been a better time to buy an electric heater. Find out which one is right for you with our guide.

What is a bridge camera?

A stalwart of the digital photography industry for the past decade, the bridge camera forms a bridge between a compact point-and-shoot camera and a full-blown DSLR.

BB 10: What you need to know

The future of BlackBerry is HTML5 plus the same QNX operating system that’s in the PlayBook – and also in many cars, set-top boxes and even nuclear power stations.

Superphone vs smartphone: what’s the difference?

What do you call a smartphone that’s a little bit smarter than other smartphones? A smarterphone? A brainyphone? Nope: it’s superphone, and if you’re not sick of the word already you will be by the end of 2012.