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Software and Security for your Computer

We’re here to help you choose which security and application software you should run on your computer. Get to grips with which software you should choose for your laptop or computer, and learn about the starter packs Comet offers.

A brand-by-brand guide to TV extras

Along with the usual features you would expect with top TVs, some of the big brands have gone even further with some awe-inspiring out of this world technology. Read our guide for a taste of the next generation features on offer.

How can I watch Digital TV?

We’ve all heard about the digital switchover, but how will it affect our TV viewing? Read our guide for the lowdown on the digital signal options available with the latest TVs.

Which internet connection is most suitable for me?

Take a look at this analysis of the different available broadband options and who each one is most suited to. Find your perfect broadband match today!

The Digital Switchover

What is the digital switchover bringing to us? Well, loads more channels for one thing! Here, we look at what it offers, and how to get digital TV – through services like Freeview, or subscription like Sky+HD!

How do I select a DVD player?

There’s a whole range of DVD players out there – quite a pain if you don’t know where to start! We go through the options – from Blu-ray, to DVD Recorder, to an ultra portable laptop. Let us do the hard work for you!

Large load washing machines explained

Sick and tired of the never ending trips to the washing machine? Well, modern machines can save you up to nine loads a month! Leaving you to put your feet up…

Choosing a home phone

Avoid the arguments over who had the house phone last – you can get up to four handsets! And if that doesn’t suffice, buy a few extra add-ons!

A video guide to DAB Radios

DAB is the future of radio! All have awesome sound quality; with some, you can record your favourite programs, or if you don’t fancy what Radio 1’s playing, pop your mp3 in!

Routers and wireless internet

Wireless internet is really handy if you don’t fancy being tied to the desk. All you need is a modem router or cable router – depending on whether you’re with Virgin Media or Sky!