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Your guide to the ultimate TV

If you’re considering upgrading to a new state-of-the-art TV, there are a number of screen types and sizes to choose from and picture quality options to consider before you make your choice. Make the most of the latest features on offer and get to the bottom of current technology with our helpful guide.

Top Tips When Buying a New Washing Machine

Washing machines have come along more than you’d think! Super fast washing cycles and a steam wash that means no more ironing… In that case, probably time you upgraded!

What Computer Is Best For Me?

A simple guide to the difference between netbooks, laptops and desktop computers and which is best suited to what kind of tasks a customer is looking to do.

A Guide to MP3 Players

New to the world of mp3s? This short video will guide you through! We talk about the main models, including the Apple iPad, and features such as memory that you’ll want to consider.

Dishwasher Buyers Guide

Dishwashers are even better than they’ve ever been. Find out which dishwasher is right for you and see why in this short video.

Blu-ray explained

Read our essential guide to Blu-ray and find out why you might want to invest in a Blu-ray player for your home?

Built-in cooking: what are the options?

Looking for a built-in oven? There are three types to choose from – so take a look at our helpful guide and check out what’s on offer!

ULV processors for better battery life

Looking for a new laptop? You might want to check out models with a ULV – it means a longer lasting battery life!

Accessorise your PC

The ultimate computer accessories – we look at the some essential PC kit every home set-up needs. Webcams, keyboards and speakers – and what you might want to look for with each!

LED TV explained

Technology is offering us yet more improvements to TV! LED TVs have great features in terms of colour, depth, and energy consumption – find out how!