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The Camera Spotter’s guide – What to look for when choosing a digital camera

There are lots of things to consider when buying a new digital camera or camcorder. How many megapixels are you after? Do you want a Wide Angle Lens to create cool pics? This guide covers everything you’ll need to think about!

Top Tips When Buying a New TV

Looking for a new TV? Then you’ll hear a few terms like plasma, HDMI, and herz. It’s good to know exactly what they mean, which is where this video comes in!

How to Set Up a Home Cinema System

Buying a home cinema system? Best get familiar with the jargon! There are three systems to choose from so it’s best to know what you’re talking about! Take a look at our handy video guide.

Netbooks explained

Looking for a super portable laptop? A netbook could be the way to go! It’s just like a simple computer, with great battery life!

All-in-one printers

Get a printer, scanner and copier altogether with an all-in-one printer! Great for saving space! Watch our video to learn some helpful tips for buying one.

Understanding External Hard Drives

A gadget that can make your computer work faster and also safeguards you from loss and theft? Yes, it exists and it’s an external hard drive. Watch carefully…

Happy snapping

Capture the happy memories of your family with a compact camera – for a good price you can get around 12 Megapixels for crisp pictures. Or, if you’re feeling a little more confident, splash out on a D-SLR!

LCD, LED or Plasma TVs?

Which TV will you go for next – LED, LCD or Plasma? Well, it depends what you’re looking for! Ultra-slim, budget, energy efficient, or colour quality? We’ll outline what each has to offer!

What sound options are available for my TV?

There’s no point in having a state of the art TV picture, with mediocre sound. You’ll want to hear sports, music and movies in crystal, clear clarity to match the action. That’s where sound systems come into play. Read our guide to what’s on offer with today’s TVs.

Choosing a tumble dryer that works for you

Waiting for your clothes to dry can be frustrating, especially when you have an active lifestyle, a young family or limited space for hanging up wet washing. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect tumble dryer that works for you and your lifestyle.