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Printing Mac Folder Contents

There may come a time when you want to print or save the contents of a folder for reference, but unfortunately although Finder will list folder contents, it does not have any options for saving or printing them. There are however some possibilities for saving window contents or printing them, either as screenshots or as text lists of the items.

Backing up your music files

Want to know how to make sure your music is all safely stored? Read our step by step guide.

Transferring music to your MP3 player

Want to get some tunes on to your mp3 or iPod? That’s what it’s for afterall! You’ll often already have software from your mp3 player… this simple guide will show you how to get your music up and running!

Securing your wireless network

Being able to log on from anywhere in the house is brilliant – but wireless networks can be easy for hackers to get into. So if you don’t want someone stealing your identity and your credit card numbers, you can enable security on your network.

Updating your satellite navigation system

Avoid any road trip disasters by ensuring you have the latest info on your Satellite Navigation system! It’s a simple process, and well worth it!

Connecting your Camcorder to your computer

This is a quick guide and basic guide to connecting your new piece of kit to your computer.

Changing your Apple Desktop Background & Screensaver

A few simple steps to help you change your desktop background to something more personal or to animate a random selection of images, and to choose a screensaver with the settings you require.

Change Your Desktop Background on Windows 7

Create animated slideshows with background images, for your desktop, using the pictures on your computer.

Using Windows 7 Parental Controls

Windows 7 offers some invaluable support to help you keep young ones safe when using the internet. With tools to block access to specific areas of the computer, you can now also set time restrictions and disable some programs from running. This short guide will take you through the easy steps to enable parental controls.

Using Windows 7 Taskbar Features

The Taskbar allows users to quickly and easily locate and launch programs they may be interested in running, see any program that is currently open, and make use of short cut features to simplify everyday use of their computer.