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YouTube: top tech videos

Video sharing website YouTube has become a stalwart of the internet; the web would simply not be the same without it.

It is one of the biggest search engines in the world, with people using it to look for everything from cute cats to talking dogs, how to dance to how to play the guitar.

The video sharing website now boasts an incredible four billion video views every single day, after seeing a boost of 25% in the last eight months.

But we aren’t just watching videos; we’re uploading them at an unbelievable rate too. In the last eight months video uploading to the site has increased by 30% to 60 hours per minute.

For less mathematically able amongst you, that’s one hour of video every second. To put that into perspective, the statisticians over at YouTube have come up with a little infographic, which you can watch here.

Here at Pluggedin we are all about tech, obviously. So to celebrate YouTube’s achievement of getting one hour of video uploaded every second, what are some of the best tech videos doing the rounds at the moment?

Future of Football?

Some of the most impressive technology of the year so far has of course come from CES. One of the most exciting is a new innovation from Technicolour.

This technology lets you control the angle and zoom of a TV camera at a football match, so you can choose what you see. It is very impressive, but we’re not sure people want to be doing all the hard work.

Aurasma augmented reality

Augmented reality has been around for a while now, but the technology is starting to really come into its own. Just watch how this $20 bill gets deconstructed.

Nokia ringtone interrupts violinist

OK, so this one is only vaguely techy, but we couldn’t resist bringing you this hilarious video of a violinist getting interrupted by that most awful of ringtones.