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YouTube Slam – Which Classic Videos Would Win?

Video sharing website YouTube is to start pitting viral videos against each other, in a bid to retain users on the site.

Google announced YouTube Slam earlier this week, which will see new videos go head-to-head as users vote for their favourite. The announcement comes as YouTube tries to respond to increasing competitions from rival sites like Vevo, and aims to become more TV-like.

The site was recently overhauled to look more like a TV channel than a websites, with videos separated into categories.

In its blog, YouTube said that Slam will initially be dived into five categories – cute, comedy, bizarre, music and dance Slams. Users will vote for the video they prefer, earning themselves points in the process, and the winner of each head-head to will feature on a leaderboard.

So which classic YouTube videos would we like to have seen in a head-to-head? Here is our pick of some Slam battles we would like to have seen.

David at the Dentist


Charlie bit my finger

These two would most likely fall in the Cute Slam category, although they are both pretty funny too. It’s hard to say which video would have won in a head-to-head battle, but in terms of views it is Charlie who wins.

The two English brothers have racked up a whopping 397 million views since being uploaded four years, with David only managing 103 million.

Ninja Cat


Nyan Cat

OK, so these two aren’t really in the same category. One is a cat with ninja-like stealth and cunning, the other is a repetitive video of an animated cat flying through space.

But somehow, Nyan Cat would have been the winner with 56 million views compared to Ninja Cat’s 28 million. And given that Nyan Cat was uploaded earlier this year, and Ninja Cat was uploaded in 2008, it’s clear which one is the winner.

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