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Yogscast Channel reaches one billion YouTube views

The Yogscast Channel, a comedy gaming channel on YouTube, has become the UK’s first to reach the one billion views milestone.

In today’s world, where people are increasingly turning to technology and the internet for a source of entertainment, you would think that one billion views on a YouTube channel would have been reached in the UK by now.

But Yogscast, a unique and apparently very popular comedy gaming channel is the first UK-based YouTube partner to reach the epic viewership number.

Yogscast: why is it so popular?

It is an impressive feat, but why has it proved so popular? A long-term partner of Marker Studios, Yogscast has built one of the largest online global audiences in the world.

The Yogscast YouTube channel features two British gamers, Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley, who have entertained audiences across the world with their hilariously entertaining adventures, coupled with an equally funny commentary.

Their antics have been aired since 2008, with viewers watching the real-life best friends challenge each other in online games in their millions.

Gamers’ favourite

The viewer can be involved and join in with the gaming adventures as they are given a glimpse through the eyes of both Simon and Lewis.

For the YouTube fanatics out there will already be aware of Maker Studios, as it’s one of the largest networks on the online video sharing website.

It produces and distributes content for more than 600 online channels. The company has several types of content, including music, podcasts, animations, original storylines and ‘Let’s Play’ videos. As a result, it has a studio system where up-and-coming talent is groomed and created.

Danny Zappin, co-founder and CEO of Maker Studio has said that they will always embrace partners from around the world as long as they create different types of compelling talent.

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