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Xbox Data Transfer

Firstly you will need an Xbox Data Transfer Cable which can be found here:

Get your Xbox Data Transfer cable here

The hard drive of the original Xbox 360 simply does not attach onto the new Xbox 360, which uses a new hard drive shape and connection.

  1. Turn off your Xbox 360 console with your existing hard drive (the “source” drive) attached.
  2. Disconnect all accessories from the console.
  3. Turn on the console. Connect a controller and turn it on. You will need to use a controller during the content transfer.
  4. Connect the transfer cable to the hard drive that you are moving content to (the “destination” hard drive).Important: The transfer cable connects to the destination hard drive in only one orientation. Do not force the connector on. Connect the transfer cable to the destination hard drive in the orientation shown below.
  5. Plug the other end of the transfer cable into an available USB port on your Xbox 360 console.
  6. Load the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Disc (included with the transfer kit) into your Xbox 360 console. Instructions will appear on the screen.


  • The transfer process may take several hours to complete, depending on the amount of content on the source hard drive.
  • The cable included with the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit is not a personal computer accessory. The cable is intended for connecting an Xbox 360 hard drive to your console for transfer purposes only. Damage might occur if you connect the transfer cable to other devices. The cable only works with the Xbox 360 transfer software.
  • The transfer cable is not intended to be used as a long-term connection to your Xbox 360 console, nor is it intended for use with any other USB device. After the transfer is complete, dispose of the cable according to the Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment guidelines in the user’s guide.
  • The Xbox Dashboard is not available during the content transfer.
  • If the transfer is interrupted for any reason, your content will remain on the source hard drive. You can restart the transfer process at any time until the process is complete.