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Xbox and PS4 on collision course for gamers’ affections

Microsoft and Sony look set to clash in a dramatic way next year as latest reports are suggesting that the newest Xbox model and the PS4 will be due out within months of each other.

Such a move would see both products battle for gamers; affections throughout 2012, culminating in a Christmas showdown.

PS4 is expected to be officially unveiled at next year’s Los Angeles based industry showcase. That would also follow the release of the Sony Play Station Veta, launched last month.

It looks like Foxconn and Peagtron Technology, the Taiwan technology manufacturers, are due to begin work on PS4 production at some point later this year.

Reports have also emerged suggesting that the new Microsoft Xbox will be unveiled in June of next year. This is likely to mean that it would be available slightly before the PS4. That would give it a slight edge for the Christmas market as it would offer more time for gamers to learn about the product.

Microsoft have reiterated their belief in the Xbox 360 product which, according to figures relating to May of this year, remains the most popular console available at the moment.

With the latest Xbox due out in the middle part of next year, it could be a very fruitful 2012 for Microsoft if the newest product is as popular as the last one.

The PS4 will need to pull out all the stops, including the rumoured Kinect style movement features, to live with one of its fiercest rivals.

Rumours that Nintendo may also be planning the release of their latest Wii products in the middle part of next year adds up to a enthralling year for the gaming community.

The biggest winners in all of this are the gaming fans. The potentially unprecedented level of competition will see rivals stop at nothing including added features and intense marketing strategies.

For all serious gaming fans, the advice for now is just to watch this space and enjoy the ride when it kicks into life next year.