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Xbox 720: what you need to know

This year is set to be one to remember for the gaming industry. We have a new handheld device, a new fully-blown console, and some exciting titles on the horizon.

But despite a whole bunch of new gaming hardware and software, and even a return to San Andreas (from what we can tell), we are still talking about a console that is nowhere near hitting our stores.

We’re talking of course, about the Xbox 720 – the next-gen console from Microsoft. It has been such a long time since the 360 came out all those years ago that the prospect of a new Xbox console is almost too much to think about it.

The rumour mill is slowly whirring into action on what will be a hugely anticipated device when the release date finally approaches.

So what do we know about the next console offering from Microsoft? Well, nothing for sure. But we have had plenty of speculation to keep us busy, so what do you need to know?

Touchscreen controller for Xbox 720

The biggest rumour we’ve had so far came fairly recently, when Xbox World Magazine reported that the 720 would come with a touchscreen embedded in the controller.

This may conjure up the image of the odd-looking Wii U controller that we haven’t made our minds up on yet, but the magazine claims the controller will be closer to the PS Vita than Nintendo’s bulky offering.

Xbox 720 E3 launch?

Never has there been so much disparity between rumours as with the launch of the 720. First we were set for a look at some point this year, then not until 2014.

And now some reports are claiming we’ll see some form of the Xbox 720, and possibly the PS4, at E3 this year. We’re not holding our breath on this one – an E3 2013 launch is far more likely.

Xbox 720 media hub

One much more believable rumour is that the 720 will be an all-out entertainment hub, delivering everything from augmented reality to vastly-improved Kinect technology.