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Xbox 720 – what we want to see

Despite a probable launch date of sometime in 2013, we can’t seem to stop thinking about the Xbox 720 – Microsoft’s next-gen console.

The Xbox 360 was a triumph when it was released all those years ago, and its power and capabilities still don’t cease to impress.

The gaming industry isn’t exactly in desperate need of some new consoles; the 360 and the PS3 are still proving themselves to be more than enough for most gamers.

But in the tech world, and the gaming world for that matter, we love to look to the future and get prematurely excited about products that are on the very-distant horizon.

But we aren’t the only ones – there has been plenty of speculation and rumour about what this next-gen console will feature. But what would we like to see in the Xbox 720?

3D technology in Xbox 720

Rumours abound that the Xbox 720 will feature 3D technology – a pretty exciting prospect. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are capable of delivering 3D, but the quality of 3D TVs at the moment means there is little point in doing so.

But it looks like Microsoft are banking on the quality of 3D TVs going up by the time the 720’s release rolls around.

Uber-accurate Kinect for Xbox 720

We’re expecting to see a lot more use of motion sensor technology in the future, both in gaming and beyond.

So we’d love to see some scarily accurate Kinect software, capable of capturing even the slightest of movements. And the way the Kinect technology is progressing, we’ll probably get our wish.

Life-like graphics for Xbox 720

The graphics quality in games is getting better with each and every release, so by the time the Xbox 720 is released we’ll want graphics so realistic it’s like staring into a mirror.