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Xbox 720 – top three juiciest rumours

The gaming industry is on the cusp of going into the future, with manufacturers stepping up their efforts to bring us the next generation of hardware.

The step-up is already underway, with Sony’s very impressive handheld console, the PS Vita, hitting our stores in less than a week.

And then later this year we should see Nintendo’s next-gen console – the Nintendo Wii U. We’re a little unsure how the Wii U will fare, and by the looks of it Nintendo is too.

But Nintendo’s console will mark the start of gaming hardware’s next evolutionary step, and will be the countdown to what we are really looking forward to – another Xbox and another Playstation.

Both consoles are set to be super-powerful gaming machines that will take the game playing experience to the next level.

We thought we’d take a look at Microsoft’s next console – dubbed the Xbox 720. We’ve had little in the way of concrete detail so far, but there have been some exciting rumours doing the rounds.

3D technology for Xbox 720

Rumours of 3D capabilities in the next Xbox have been sparked by an advert for a job with an Xbox development team.

As reported by SlashGear, the job description included development of ‘state-of-the-art 3D imaging systems’, so could Microsoft be finally starting to think about 3D technology?

Touchscreen controller for Xbox 720?

As consoles become about more than just video games, tablet-style controllers are likely to become more commonplace.

We’ve already seen the odd Wii U controller, and now it looks like the Xbox 720 could feature a similar thing.

But unlike the cumbersome-looking Wii U controller, reports suggest the Xbox one will be similar in style to the PS Vita – an exciting prospect.

Xbox 720 release date

Early rumours had hinted at a launch towards the end of this year, but that now looks like very wishful thinking. A far more likely scenario is a launch at E3 2013, with a possible release before Christmas.