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Xbox 720: Release date, price and rumours

The rumour mill is always working in overdrive in the gaming world, but when it comes to the next-gen Xbox it seems to really outdo itself.

There’s a good chance we won’t see the console, which we’ll call the Xbox 720 for now, for a year or two, but that doesn’t stop the gossip from flying. This week has been no different, with pricing, release dates and even games all being debated. So what’s the latest on the Xbox 720?

Xbox 720 price

According to reports, the next-gen console could have price point of as little $100, or around £64, with the catch being that it will come with a TV subscription attached.

(non-official concept image)

We’d take this prediction with a pinch of salt, however, as it comes from outspoken analyst Michael Pachter – a man known for enjoying the attention of the tech world.

A tie-in with TV is of course a possibility, as Microsoft is expected to make the 720 an all-out entertainment device. So you never know, Pachter could be proved right after all

Xbox 720 release date

Several reports are placing the release of the console at some point in 2013, with many suggesting a release in time for Christmas.

Of course, there have also been rumours that Microsoft will waiting until 2014 – choosing instead to milk the continued popularity of the Xbox 360 for as long as possible.

Xbox 720 rumours

Xbox 720 leaks last month point to features including tablet integration and cloud streaming. This is in addition to enhanced Kinect sensors (with support for up to four players) and a Blu-ray disc drive.

To continue Xbox’s link up with successful gaming franchises, talks are rumoured to have taken place with Activision, 343 Industries and Bungie, the games developers responsible for the Call of Duty and Halo games.

It’s been suggested that the next Halo title, Halo 5, is being created for the Xbox 720 – which could point to a console release of Christmas 2013.

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