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Xbox 720 latest rumour round-up

With the launch of the Nintendo Wii U now just around the corner, consoles seem to be finally moving into the next generation.

The Wii U can’t be said to be a truly next-gen device, but it is an innovative machine that is a step in the right direction for gaming.

And hopefully it should give Microsoft and Sony a kick up the backside and get them moving on releasing their own next-gen machines.

When it comes to the release dates for the Xbox 720 and PS4, your guess is as good as ours. Some say mid-2013, other claims it’ll be more like 2014.

That hasn’t stopped the tech world rumour mill though, especially when it comes to the Xbox 720. So what are the latest rumours?

Xbox 720 3D gaming

We’re expecting the next console from Microsoft to offer a wealth of cutting edge tech to create a gaming experience never seen before.

  • concept Xbox 720 image

If some of the latest rumours are to be believed, that’s exactly what the 720 will do. According to a leaked patent document, Microsoft has some big plans up its sleeve.

The document outlines details of plans to create a 3D gaming environment with the 720, by projecting an image of a game’s environment on to the walls of a room.

The tech is thought to be linked to Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect 3D glasses, allowing gamers to see a game’s environment in 3D for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Xbox 720 wearable controller

Another exciting rumour to start doing the rounds recently concerned a wearable controller for the Xbox 720.

This is based on another patent thought to be filed by Microsoft, which outlines the technology that would be used in a wearable controller.

According to the patent, electromyography-based technology could be utilised to measure muscle activity and control a console or stereo.

Xbox 720 to be last traditional console?

The current generation of consoles seems to have been around forever, and according to one Nvidia exec that could mean the end of the console as we know it.

According to Phil Eisler, Nvidia’s head of cloud gaming, the way we game will have changed by the time the Xbox 720 and PS4 come out – making them the last of the home consoles.

We’d expect a cloud gaming executive to extol the virtues of cloud gaming, but the gaming industry is certainly changing into something new.

Will there be space for the traditional console in the future? Who knows, but we’re still very excited about the next generation.

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