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Xbox 720: latest news and developments

It may still be a year away, but the next-gen console from Microsoft is still the source of plenty of internet debate and rumour.

Just when we thought it was OK to just sit back and wait for some kind of announcement from Microsoft, another juicy rumour comes along to shake things up.

There have been some pretty delectable rumours doing the rounds in recent weeks and months, giving us plenty of food for thought.

One of the best was reports of a touchscreen controller for the Xbox 720, like we’ve seen in the Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U’s one looks a little cumbersome, but the rumours suggest that the Xbox 720’s one will look similar to the PS Vita.

Other rumours refer to things like 3D capabilities for the next-gen console, and a new, albeit slightly odd, name – ‘Durango’. But what are the latest developments from the Xbox 720 rumour mill?

No disk drive for Xbox 720

The death of the disc has been looming for some time, but the medium has been clinging on for dear life. We will inevitably say goodbye to discs at some point, and it seems that Microsoft could put one of the nails in the coffin.

According to gaming magazine MVC, Microsoft is ditching the disc, and not including a CD drive in the Xbox 720.

According to the report, the discs will be replaced by downloadable games and some kind of swappable, solid-state card storage. It’s an interesting claim, and one that we wouldn’t be surprised to see come true.

Xbox 720 in-game images leaked

Some stunning pictures have started doing the rounds, having appeared in magazines PSM3 and Xbox World, claiming to show in-game graphics from the PS4 and Xbox 720.

There’s no way of guaranteeing the claim, but if it is true then we are set for a real treat when the new consoles are released. Roll on 2013!