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Xbox 720: Could Processor Setbacks Delay Launch?

Despite the fact that Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox 720, isn’t expected to reach the market until 2013 at the earliest, the latest wave of rumours about the device suggests that the follow-up to the Xbox 360 could already be besieged by processor problems.

According to a tech news site, the Xbox 720 will run on AMD manufactured processors as opposed to the IBM chips housed on the Xbox 360.

The site claims that although the processors, which have been given the codename ‘Oban’, were set to go into production in December this date has now been subject to delays.

Xbox 720: Is a 2013 launch too ambitious?

The report suggests that 8 November is the only point that Microsoft can subject chips for testing before the end of the year.

  • xbox 720 concept image

As a proper processor is said to take around two months before being ready for shipment, this would be mean it would fail to hit its alleged December production schedule.

However, all may not be lost, as Microsoft is said to have pencilled in a September 2013 launch for the Xbox 720, and the site estimates that it would have to begin production in February 2013 to hit this target.

Xbox 720: Poor processor quality?

According to reports, the Xbox 720 processor is speculated to be under development at several locations in the East.

Worryingly, the build quality of the processor has been described as ‘painfully low’, with some even going a step further and saying that it hasn’t even reached “horrid” yet.

Xbox 720: What we know so far

The speculated features on the Xbox 720 include tablet integration and cloud streaming, and the console is expected to be a multi-functional entertainment centre.

The Xbox 360 is the best-selling console worldwide, so Microsoft will need to make the 720 pretty special to be its predecessor. So don’t read too much into poor processor claims just yet!

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