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Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor Sales Top 25 Million

More than 2.5 million Xbox 360 Kinect Sensors have been sold, just 25 days after going on sale. Find out why it’s a potential game changer for how we play video games.

After less than a month retail sales of Kinect for Xbox 360 have surpassed the 2.5 million mark and Microsoft claim they are ‘on target’ to sell 5 million by the end of the year. Kinect only launched in Europe on 10th November but the appeal of the ‘controller-free games and entertainment system’ is easy to see.

The Kinect Sensor promises to change the way we play games forever by allowing users to control games, movies, music, and television without the use of a controller, using just your voice and body gestures. It works by using some of the most innovative technology in gaming today, including a RGB camera and a depth sensor, which allows the Kinect to track as many as 48 key joints in your body, working out exactly what position you are in at any given moment. All you have to do is step in front of the sensor and you are off, without the need for a controller.

Kinect Compatible Games

Kinect compatible games are labelled with a purple casing so that consumers know that the games are Kinect compatible. There are currently 17 available games that cover areas such as dance, racing and family entertainment – perfect for Christmas activities all the family can enjoy. Other available games include fitness options, such as Your Shape Fitness Evolved, as well as sports packages like Motion Sports.

PlayStation on the Move

While Xbox Kinect sales have gone through the roof, its nearest rival, the Sony Move – a small handheld wand built for use with PlayStation – is also proving popular. Sony announced recently that they have shipped 4.1 million units to retailers worldwide, in anticipation of Christmas sales. But with the advent of controller free gaming, demand for Xbox Kinect is likely to increase throughout December as Santa goes shopping!

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