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“World’s Most Advanced Wireless Headsets”: Motorola Mobility’s New Products

Motorola Mobility has released two new Bluetooth headsets offering unmatched levels of performance and quality.

The two devices, the Motorola ELITE SILVER and the Motorola ELITE FLIP both feature NFC (Near Field Communication) technology along with a number of other great features designed to offer consumers a higher quality service.

NFC technology enables headsets and compatible mobile phone devices to be connected via a quick tap, greatly facilitating the use of the product. Epitomising their name in their products, Motorola Mobility have also increased their roaming range to 300feet with the devices, providing users with more freedom from their mobile phone handset.

The devices also include HD Audio Plus, a system designed to enhance and improve the sound quality within the headsets. This feature is partnered with CrystalTalk, a technology designed to use dual-microphone noise cancellation in order to improve sound clarity within the headsets.


The more expensive of the two devices, the Motorola ELITE SILVER will feature the following features in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Up to 15hours of talk time when used with the charging case (included with the headset).
  • Integrated with My MotoSpeak, a free download that enables users to hear incoming messages and send messages without touching the mobile handset.
  • Lightweight design for increased comfort.
  • Simplistic and integrating styling which makes the device less noticeably visible when worn.


The lower priced of the two devices, the Motorola ELITE FLIP also contains the following features:

  • 6 hours of talk time and up to 12 days of standby time from battery power.
  • Also integrated with My MotoSpeak.
  • Intuitive operational system RapidConnect allows the device to be turned on or off by flipping it open or closed.
  • A unique design style offers three distinct ways to wear the device, providing ultimate comfort.

Mobile Phone Accessories

These new handsets are just one many mobile accessories currently available on the market, with a number of devices and apps being available to customers. Apps are one of the biggest forms of mobile phone accessory focusing on a range of fields from travel to healthcare.