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Wireless music streaming without the hefty price tag

For a while now i’ve been toying with the idea of buying a system to wirelessly stream music around my house. I love the thought of walking from room to room and never missing a beat, plus it would be great for the occassional shindig.

The only problem is that so far it’s been a toss up between buying the kit or feeding myself for a month, and so far my value for life has prevailed.

There are a few options available out there like Sonos and Olive systems to name a few but they are a tad pricey.

Altec Lansing to the rescue!

Yes music lovers, soon you will be able to listen to your favourite tunes from any room and still afford to eat (you may need to downgrade from Waitrose to Asda).

The new inMotion Air universal wireless speaker system from Altec Lansing can pump out any of your favourite audio files stored on a computer up to 333 feet away via an included adapter, while mobile devices can also supply the music via Bluetooth. Whats more, fancy audio enhancement technology offers CD-quality performance, regardless of source compression encoding.

But iTunes has taken over my computer!

Worry not because whatever the source of your tunes (Windows Media Center, iTunes, internet radio etc), a handy supplied USB adapter will allow you to stream your music to an ‘inMotion Air speaker’ wherever you place it (as long as it’s not more than 333 feet away… but noone has a house that big). What’s more, you can also play music from most Bluetooth enabled devices from up to 10 meters away. That includes your iPod Touch, iPhone or Smartphone!

So how much is all this wireless goodness? And when can i get it!? The inMotion Air universal wireless speaker goes on sale in the US next month and accross Europe slightly later for a suggested retail price of US$199.95.

Remember to stay PluggedIn because as soon as it’s out, we’ll be reviewing it and giving you the low down on all the pros and cons (if there are any).

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