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Windows Surface RT tablets – new details emerge

Unveiled last month, Microsoft’s Surface tablet still remains very much a mystery when it comes to specs and features.

The first tablet from the PC king is set for release in October, and some juicy details have finally come to light. So what more do we know about the Surface tablet?

Windows Surface RT tablets measurements

The latest speculated features for the Surface RT is the ability for users to play HD video for between 8 and 13 consecutive hours on the device, as well as series of dimensions that could give the iPad a run for its money.

With a rumoured weight of between 520g and 1200g, and a height of between 8.35mm and 15.6mm, the device is set to be thinner and lighter than the iPad, which weighs in at around 652g and has a thickness of around 9.4mm.

Using Windows RT hardware, the Surface tablets are also set to have a “Connected Standby” mode, where the device will continue to be able to download updates while effectively being in sleep mode. This mode is said to allow Surface RT tabs to run for between a staggering 320 to 409 hours.

Windows Surface RT features

In a blog post, Microsoft added “Over the useful lifetime of the PC, the provided software will be serviced and improved,” suggesting that the updates will be issued for the Surface at some point after its launch.

Other details released about the Surface from Microsoft’s website are a 10.6″, 16:9 widescreen HD Display as well as a full sized USB port.

A Micro SD card also helps to boost storage so that users can house their movie and music collections.

This is in addition to two cameras, with the rear-facing LifeCam angled to 22 degrees allowing you to record meetings and events hands-free via the Kickstand.

Whether Microsoft has done enough to compete with the iPad, not to mention the raft of low-cost tablets currently hitting the market, remains to be seen.

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