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Windows Phone vs Apple iOS vs Google Android

In the smartphone market, it has long been a battle between Android and iOS. The plethora of Android phones available has cemented it as the world’s top operating system, but Apple is never far behind.

But there is a new force in the smartphone market that is due to make waves in 2012 and into the future – Windows Phone.

Of course, the Windows Phone OS has been around for a while now. But in terms of impact on the smartphone market, it has been virtually non-existent.

Despite users of the OS raving about it, and getting very positive reviews, Windows Phone has remained niche. In 2011 it only accounted for 2% of the smartphone market.

But analysts at iSuppli are predicting that by 2015, the Windows Phone OS will overtake iOS as the second biggest smartphone operating system.

It is a bold prediction, but not one that seems entirely unlikely. So how does Windows Phone compare with the two other big players, iOS and Android?


This operating system needs no introduction, especially with the little ‘i’ on it. Apple’s operating system is of course hugely successful, but this is more down to the popularity of the iPhone than the operating system itself.

But with the App Store now boasting more than half a million apps, you are not short of content with Apple’s operating system.


There are literally hundreds of Android phones out there, since it is a freely distributed operating system.

In terms of apps, Android still lags behind iOS. But given the amount of people using Android these days, and the fact that third party apps are allowed, this can’t be the case for long.

Windows Phone

Microsoft launched the latest version of its operating system, Windows Phone 7.5, last year. It was well received by fans and reviewers alike, but Microsoft is still waiting for it to take off in a big way.

In terms of user interface, Windows Phone has one of the best. The use of floating ‘tiles’ and live apps offer smartphone users something completely different.