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Windows Mobile Apps: Mango Updates and What You Need to Know

Microsoft announced this week details surrounding updates to Windows phones with Windows mobile apps taking centre stage. Code named Mango, find out more about what Microsoft have planned for mobile apps.

The buzz around the Mango updates from Microsoft may not have received the kind of frenzied fanfare any update or new product launch from Apple tends to receive these days, but the idea behind Mango – and what it means for Windows mobile apps – could be no less significant.

With Mango, Microsoft are aiming to take a bite out of Apple’s dominance of apps and transform the smartphone experience by connecting the various apps, social networks and more traditional mobile phone elements such as calls and texts, into an easy to use platform.

Microsoft claim that currently app users find the usefulness of apps is measured by what can be done within the app and the benefit it brings the user. With Mango they are trying to make apps a more integrated part of the core phone experience.

How is Microsoft going to improve Windows Mobile Apps?

Well for a start they intend making it easy to notifications and updates from apps from the Start Screen of any new Windows phone. You can also look forward to apps appearing as part of search results and in Windows Phone Hubs, too. As part of App Connect, apps will appear in music, video and pictures, with the aim of making them more relevant as and when you may need them.

Other additions to make Windows mobile apps easier to use will include the option for multi-tasking and the ability to switch between apps more easily.

The Mango update is also likely to see increased emphasis put on the development of new apps. Since launching the Windows Phone 7 in October more than 17,000 apps have been made available via Windows Phone Marketplace and Windows phones. And thanks to new partnerships with the likes of Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE Corp, as well as new language additions around the world, expect Windows Marketplace apps to greatly expand in number in the months ahead.

And if you are an app developer a beta release of the free Windows Phone Developer tools, should be available to download and use from 25th May, 2011.