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Will the Wii U be the last Nintendo console?

The Nintendo Wii U may not have even been released yet, but some industry insiders are already hailing the console as the beginning of the end for Nintendo.

Well, not quite the end for the gaming giant as a whole, but there have been reports that this could be the last piece of hardware we’ll see from the Japanese company.

Nintendo has been struggling of late, with a less-than-satisfactory performance at E3 last month – not to mention recording its first ever annual loss in April this year.

Nintendo coming out fighting

Of course, Nintendo has been in similar situations before – facing criticism from all sides and being called dead in the water.

But the Wii U is failing to generate as much excitement as Nintendo would like at the moment. The Xbox 720 and PS4 seem to be the talking points of the moment, despite being nothing but a dot on the horizon at the moment.

Now Bing Gordon, ex-COO of EA, has come out and said that Nintendo is on its way to bowing out of the hardware business. He told gaming website GamesIndustry:

“I think Nintendo’s already on track to become primarily a software company. We saw that with Sega back in the day; Sega made some missteps and became primarily a software company.”

Will Nintendo struggle in handheld market?

Bing was quick to say that Nintendo is in a far better position than Sega ever was, but it will struggle in the handheld market.

“I think the handheld is going to be under a lot of pressure. I can imagine a day when Nintendo wonders… if they ought to take some of their best games and make them apps,”

It’s a bold claim, and given the success of the 3DS we’re not sure if Nintendo will want to back away from hardware just yet. But one thing is for sure – the Wii U really needs to be a success.

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