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Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 be the world’s thinnest smartphone?

As another week goes by, we get yet more rumours about the smartphone that everyone is talking about – the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We’ve been getting rumours ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, from a quad-core processor (the sublime) to 3D capability (the ridiculous).

But things are slowly getting more concrete, as a new model number has appeared on Samsung’s Global Download Centre website.

Is this the new Samsung Galaxy phone? Not definitely. Did that stop us from getting very excited? Absolutely not.

No Samsung Galaxy S3 at MWC

Unfortunately, it now looks unlikely that we’ll be seeing the Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks.

But fear not, rumours abound that we’ll be seeing it soon after. It looks like Samsung just wants to unveil its latest product when the limelight is not being stolen by the likes of HTC or Nokia.

A release date of April is now looking most likely, which is a little disappointing. But as the tech world rumour mill takes with one hand, it gives with the other – with a juicy new rumour that will get you hot under the collar.

Samsung Galaxy S3: thinnest ever?

According to South Korea’s Electronic Times News, Samsung will be packing those impressive (albeit unconfirmed) specs into a 7mm body.

If this is the case, then it will be Samsung’s thinnest device to date. But will it be the thinnest smartphone of all time?

Not quite, we actually saw a thinner one at CES last month. It was the Huawei Ascend P1 S, measured at just 6.68mm thick.

The Galaxy S3 doesn’t look like it will be able to measure up to that. But in terms of specs, there is no comparison.

And given that the S3 is rumoured to feature a quad-core processor, a camera of at least 8MP (if not more) and a super AMOLED Plus display, we’ll give it the extra 0.32 millimetres.