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Will the New Ultrabook Replace the MacBook Air?

Consumers have always had to choose between Macs and PCs, but the introduction of the Ultrabook makes the choice a lot harder.

The MacBook Air is Apple’s light-weight version of a laptop, but the new Ultrabook has similar specifications and is a PC. The question is — will the new Ultrabook replace the MacBook Air?

What Is an Ultrabook?

An Ultrabook is a super light-weight laptop PC with a very slim design. It has an impressive battery life, a typical laptop screen size, and a standard size keyboard. It weighs less than a standard laptop without compromising speed or power. An Ultrabook is a good solution for people that want a portable computer without adding a lot of weight to their bag or backpack.

Many people thought tablet PCs were going to replace laptops because of their light-weight and slim design, but time has shown that the tablet is not a great solution for everyone. People that need to do a lot of typing or data entry still prefer a laptop for mobility. Tablets are going to get more powerful and faster as time goes on, but the lack of a keyboard will never be appealing to some. That’s why the Ultrabook and MacBook Air will always have a place in the market.

How do Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air Compare?

The reason why some people wonder whether the Ultrabook will replace the MacBook air is because it has similar specifications, and sometimes is superior. Plus, Ultrabooks tend to cost less than the MacBook Air.

Take a look at some specification similarities:

  • Weight: The MacBook Air weighs just a little more than two pounds. Ultrabooks, overall, still weigh a few ounces more than the MacBook Air, but it is not significant enough to notice a difference.
  • Power and Processor: Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air both have an i5 processor that runs at 1.6 to 1.7 GHz.
  • Battery Life: The MacBook Air gets seven hours of power before shutting down when running solely on the battery. Ultrabooks get anywhere between five and eight hours of power. If battery life is important to you, there are Ultrabooks that provide more hours than the MacBook Air.
  • Storage: The MacBook Air comes standard with 128 GB SSD, where Ultrabooks can have anywhere from 128 to 320 GB SSD.

It’s hard to answer whether the Ultrabook will actually replace the MacBook Air, but the answer is probably no — it will probably just give consumers another option for light-weight computing. Plus, there are always going to be Mac lovers who will never switch to a PC.

What do you think? Is the MacBook Air is on the way out? Can Ultrabooks take over the market?

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