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Will the new Samsung Galaxy S3 kill off Apple’s new iPhone?

Last night, technology giant Samsung launched their highly anticipated new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

So what did we get? And more importantly, with rumours circulating that Apple’s new iPhone will be released imminently, will the Galaxy S3 be able to hold onto the market share and outsell Apple?

Galaxy goodness

What we got was a 4.8 inch super AMOLED screen that outshines Apple’s retina display found in the iPhone 4S, an 8MP rear camera which will apparently “adapt” to whatever it sees you are doing, wireless content beaming, voice control, a wide selection of “exclusive” apps and 4G connectivity (in compatible countries). All in all, pretty damn good!

The Galaxy S3 is planned to go on sale in the UK on the 30th May and is expected to be a massive hit with the public. But what of the other big rival in the smartphone war? Rumours suggest that Apple’s new iPhone will be expected to launch within the next few months with the US company dead set on raining on Samsung’s parade.

Jason Jenkins, editor for CNET UK, said:

“The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a cracker of a smartphone that makes the iPhone look a little like yesterday’s model. It cements Samsung’s place as one of the leading phone manufacturers and really puts the pressure on Apple to come up with something different for its next iPhone later in the year.”

Samsung innovation

It’s because of innovation that Samsung are now looking like taking control of the smartphone market. In the past, they may have been seen as followers rather than leaders of innovation, which is where Apple have always been top.

But with this new wave of smartphone technology (the Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note), Samsung are now being seen by many as the leaders in innovation, taking the fight to Apple and pushing the boundaries by creating and implementing unique features and technology.

Are Apple now playing catch-up? Are they now the followers? I guess we just wont know until the new iPhone is launched! What do you think? Are Apple old news?

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