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Will the Apple iPad 3 be the iPad 2S?

Another start to the year, another look forward to what the tech geniuses over at Apple have in store for us.

We could see another Macbook, and Apple has made much of its plans to venture into the Smart TV market with its very own telly.

These are of course pretty exciting prospects, but before we get to all that we’ve got the small matter of the next iPad to attend to.

The buzz around Apple’s next-gen tablet has been going since, well, pretty much as soon as the iPad 2 came out last year.

Apple iPad 3 rumours

So will the next iPad be thicker? Thinner? Will it have 3D? Will the brightness issues from the iPad 2 get sorted out?

These are all relevant questions, but a slightly more worrying question we need to start asking ourselves is: will the iPad 3 actually be an iPad 2S?

It’s a scary thought and not one we really want to think about. The rumour was sparked by a Chinese manufacturing company called Chineestyle Co Limited.

Chineestyle make covers for Apple products, and is actually selling covers for the next-gen iPad already, which it is presumptuously calling the iPad 2S.

The company claims it built the new cases based on information given to it by an Apple supply chain vender.

Apple iPad 3 case

If we go purely on what the cases indicate, the iPad 3 (or iPad 2S, as the case may be) will be virtually identical for the iPad 2, except being 1mm thicker with a slightly bigger lens.

If these specs do come true, then maybe we will see an iPad 2S. But the backlash over the iPhone 4S, even by loyal Apple fans, is not something that Apple will want to repeat.

Of course, a lot of manufacturers like to jump the gun before a big Apple release, and they don’t always get it right. But that doesn’t stop us from being just a little concerned.

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