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Will Angry Birds follow-up be as successful?

A few years ago, Rovio was a struggling games developer that nobody had ever heard of. Then they came up with a simple yet highly addictive app game that changed the world.

The game was Angry Birds. OK, so maybe it didn’t change the world, but it turned Rovio into a force to be reckoned with in the app market.

Since the original Angry Birds game hit our iPhones and Android devices, a number of sequels have been launched with increasing degrees of success.

Rovio’s latest success, Angry Birds Space, was Rovio’s most successful to date. And that’s really saying something.

Angry Birds success

It has set the record for the fastest-selling mobile game of all time, shifting 50 million downloads in just 35 days.

It is an impressive figure, but one we’ve come to expect from a franchise that seems to draw people in like no other game can. This is highlighted by the fact that Angry Birds Space took the record from, you guessed it, Angry Birds Rio.

Rovio recently announced that Angry Birds, in all its forms, has been downloaded a billion times – an incredible achievement for such a simple, albeit endlessly addictive, game.

Angry Birds follow-up: Amazing Alex

So what’s next for the Finnish developer? Another Angry Birds title? Probably, but not just yet. Before that, Rovio is releasing Amazing Alex – a game based around a curious boy who likes to build things.

Rovio’s reputation will surely help sales of Amazing Alex when it’s released in a couple of months, but the success of Angry Birds will be hard to replicate.

“The quality pressure is high. We want to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy,”

said Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio, told a Finnish TV programme.

So will it be as successful? It’s pretty unlikely, but even if Amazing Alex scores half the downloads of Angry Birds, it will be a success by anyone else’s standards.