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Why is the AEG ProClean dishwasher the best?

Simply Spacious

The intelligent design of the ProClean™ is all about flexibility. With a standard dishwasher, it’s often a challenge to fit in larger utensils like roasting tins and precious items like heirloom glassware. But ProClean™ offers the largest possible space between baskets (as high as 34cm).

And our height-adjustable baskets allow you to extend the upper or lower space to suit your requirements. With its wide range of basket configurations, there’s simply more room for excellent results.

Satellite Spray Arm

The exclusive ProClean™ spray arm technology ensures perfect cleaning. Packing your dishwasher with irregularly shaped items usually means a drop in cleaning quality. But the ProClean™ system reaches where others can’t, to deliver professional results every time.

Five spray levels – including one in the ceiling – cover more of the load, while the exclusive ProClean™ satellite spray arm with special double-rotation creates a powerful spiral of water that cleans perfectly in the corners that other dishwashers can’t reach.

AEG Dishwashing

Resource Efficiency

At AEG, we focus on innovations that significantly improve results. The AutoOff function completely eliminates energy use once a cycle has finished, meaning an end to standby energy consumption.

In addition, our unique SensorLogic technology can detect the size of each load and adjust the energy, detergent and water levels for optimum efficiency. This automatic programme can use as little as eight litres of water per wash. Plus our Extra Silent mode (37dB) in selected models is barely louder than a whisper.

Top scores in washing

We know an everyday load today can include Champagne flutes, plastic colanders and much more. The ProClean™ offers an extra 10 litres of space than standard dishwashers to ensure optimal results. The large, flexible space can be adjusted to suit your load, rather than adapting your loading to your machine. Not only that, an independent study by German test institute LGA proves that ProClean™ models are the only dishwashers that give the best results every time you use them.

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