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Why is the AEG CrystalLine hob range better than any other?

Each cooking surface in this award-winning modular range – whether radiant, gas or induction – combines powerful performance with its own specific set of innovations.

Limitless Possibilities

These high-performing cooking modules can be mixed and matched in any way for the ultimate cooking area. The design is sleek with the option of a stainless steel frame around the 36cm modules to group them together. Our electric modules have advanced DirekTouch controls, making them extremely easy and quick to control – the temperature is set with a single touch and can be fine-tuned with a slider. Plus, an LED display under the glass shows the status of the heating elements at a glance.

Instant Control with Gas on Glass

Gas cooking is favoured by professional chefs all over the world as it enables instant heat control. Now AEG’s Gas on Glass hobs take this responsiveness to a whole new level. The high power burners provide excellent heat distribution, making sautéing, stir-frying and big pot cooking efficient and safe. The front controls are a convenient way to access the burners and the units have automatic ignition, meaning they can be lit in a single operation for added efficiency. Plus, if the flame goes out, the gas supply shuts down, ensuring exceptional safety.

CrystalLine Hob

Fast and Healthy Teppan Yaki

The Teppan Yaki cooking surface allows you to combine an exciting Asian style of cooking with precision technology. Unlike standard hobs that require pots and pans, food is placed directly onto the hot surface providing rapid heat transfer. Food cooks in its own juices so very little fat is needed, allowing you to create dishes that are perfectly healthy.

Better Results with Radiant

Here at AEG, we have made it possible to have a first-rate performance with an electric cooking surface. Our Radiant hob has advanced heating coils which generate heat speedily, bringing water to the boil quickly. And you can adjust the size of the cooking zones, meaning you can heat a large casserole pot then scale the ring back to heat a small saucepan in seconds.

The Power of induction

The beauty of induction is that it’s the pan that heats up, not the cooking surface. With our MaxiSense® induction hob, electricity flows through an induction coil which generates heat directly in the pots and pans, leaving the cooking surface cooler to the touch. This has proven to be faster and the most energy efficient technology in the market.

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