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Whirlpool Wine Storage – The Perfect Environment For Your Red, White & Rosé

Whirlpool knows that to mature properly, wine needs to be stored in the perfect conditions to be its best. With our wine storage appliances, this becomes so simple!


Wine needs to be stored in the correct position and at a constant temperature with the perfect level of humidity.

Whirlpool’s wine storage solutions have been developed for connoisseurs who care passionately about their wines.

Our technology creates the right conditions to preserve wine quality and allow the wine to mature in the most natural way.

You’ll be able to maintain a collection, each maturing at its own rate into truly fine wines. Whirlpool Wine Cellar, ARC 229, features five wooden shelves in fine oak with a highly efficient ventilation system.


Featuring an electronic system with low vibration dampeners, an anti-UV glass door, dual temperature control and a fantastic capacity to store 46 bottles of your favourite wines, the Whirlpool ARC 299 is sure to keep your valuable wines at their best.

The wine cellar is integrated into your kitchen units and has a stainless steel frame for a sleek finish.

Dual temperature control is a particularly useful feature to have in your wine cellar.

Did you know that different wines have slightly different ideal storage temperatures? This means that you can maintain two different temperatures in two different zones.


As a result, you can optimise the long-term storage conditions for different kinds of wine at the same time, in the same wine cellar, each at their ideal temperature!

Whirlpool Wine Chiller, ARZ 000W, holds an impressive 33 bottles across its three wooden shelves made of fine oak.

With a black inner liner to ensure the wine is preserved in the best conditions and an anti-UV glass door, your wines are chilled beautifully, ready for drinking whenever you want.

Whether you want to store your wine for years to come or keep it chilled in the right conditions to drink now, Whirlpool has a wine storage solution for you.