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Whirlpool MAX Microwaves – Microwave Cooking in A More Colourful Kitchen!

Microwaves don’t have to be the dull large box sitting on your kitchen work surface, taking up lots of room. At Whirlpool, we believe microwaves can be a stylish, sleek and fun addition to your kitchen.

That’s why we came up with the MAX range of microwaves, our answer to adding a contemporary and
trendy splash of colour into your culinary life.

Microwave cooking is done in equal measure by budding chefs and students, but no matter however advanced your cooking skills, the Whirlpool MAX microwaves feature some great functions that make cooking not only easy but modern, practical and fun.

Whirlpool MAX Microwaves Angles

Space Saver

Here at Whirlpool, we know that you are always seeking the best way to save space on your kitchen work surface, so with its stylish rounded
back design
, the MAX microwave does exactly that. It can fit neatly into corners to save even more space without compromising on the internal space. The usable
space inside the MAX microwave ovens is equivalent to a typical microwave, a 23 litre model, and with a large 28cm turntable that accommodates a full size dinner plate, it doesn’t compromise on practicality or performance.

Colour to suit any kitchen!

Style is critical to your home, and the kitchen is no exception. Whirlpool’s MAX microwaves come in a wide range of colours to suit any kitchen style, from black to red and silver to cream, and even purple! This trendy microwave oven also features a black flat-screen door for maximum visual impact. It is really easy to use, with an intuitive touch screen control panel, which means you can quickly and easy select your desired programme.

Whirlpool MAX 35

The Whirlpool MAX 35 features the fantastically healthy Steam functionality, which means you can quickly create healthy meals in your microwave.

Whirlpool MAX Microwaves STEAM Function   Whirlpool MAX 35 Microwaves Range Which? Best Buy Award

It comes with a special steaming vessel which helps retain flavour and nutrients throughout the cooking process, meaning you get all of the goodness from your veggies and potatoes and meats such as fish and chicken in a fraction of the time when compared to using a regular steamer.

The MAX 35 has been awarded with WHICH? Best Buy in Microwaves April 2011, so you can be sure this truly is great microwave.

The MAX 35 comes in the following colours:

Whirlpool MAX 35 Microwaves Range

Whirlpool MAX 38

The Whirlpool MAX 38 features the brilliant CRISP cooking function and comes with the unique Whirlpool Crisp plate ready for you to use. This function can help you achieve perfectly crispy cooking results every time on foods such as chips, pizza, roast potatoes, chicken, bacon… the list is endless!

Whirlpool MAX Microwaves CRISP Function   Whirlpool MAX 38 Microwaves Range Which? Best Buy Award

The MAX 38 has been awarded WHICH? Best Buy in Microwaves February 2011, so you can be assured of its quality.

The MAX 38 comes in Silver and Black.

Whirlpool MAX 38 Microwaves Range

Try out our MAX Festive Microwave recipes!

Why not visit the recipe section of the Whirlpool website to discover some Christmas recipes, especially designed to be made in your MAX microwave?


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