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Whirlpool iXelium Hobs – The Stainless Steel Hob That Never Loses Its Shine

We all know how easy it is to slosh some pasta sauce out of the saucepan or some stir-fry veggies out of the wok and onto the hob when you’re cooking.

Often this means some good elbow-grease is needed to scrub the hob surface to remove the cooked-on foods – never an easy job! Not only does the scrubbing mean that your hob loses that lovely shiny stainless steel glow, but it can leave unsightly scratches on the surface, too.

Whirlpool iXelium™ hobs feature exclusive nano-technology which protects the hob from scratching,
staining and yellowing over time, so it will never lose its shine!

Whirlpool iXelium hobs

The application of iXelium technology to the steel means that the hob is protected. The special coating ensures that food residues simply cannot stick, so a quick wipe over once you’ve finished cooking is all it takes, which makes cleaning a doddle!

Traditional stainless steel hobs easily become dull and lose their shine with use. The constant exposure to high cooking temperatures means the steel can become discoloured and suffer from yellowing over time. On top of this, food and
grease easily stick on to traditional stainless steel, so often a tough scrub is in order to remove spills. Through the use of cleaning products and sponges to clean the hob, the surface is easily scratched and oxidised through the abrasive chemicals within the detergent.

All of this is eliminated with Whirlpool iXelium hobs. The fabulous technology applied to the hob surface combats these issues, ensuring that the hob remains shiny, without dulling or yellowing when exposed to high temperatures and cleaning products.

Whirlpool iXelium hob technology

A Whirlpool iXelium™ hob is the perfect choice for anyone who loves stylish appliances with a great design matched with excellent cooking performance, and it comes with the added bonus of being easy to clean. What’s not to love?!

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