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Whirlpool Green Generation™ Range – Our Most Eco-Friendly Home Appliances Yet

Whirlpool understands we all have a role to play in making the world a greener place. The latest and greenest home appliances from Whirlpool make your role a little easier by helping you to save water and electricity.

By taking advantage of Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE technology, Green Generation appliances combine outstanding performance with exceptional resource savings great for your pocket but even better for the planet!

Whirlpool Green Generation Logo

6TH SENSE technology uses sensors within each machine to make it most efficient for you. For example, it knows just how much water to use and how long to run in both dishwashers and washing machines by understanding how dirty the plates are, or much and how dirty the laundry added is. By running a quick cycle, the sensors get to work and know how much water to use and how long to run for.

Meet the Green Generation range

Whirlpool Green Generation Fridge Freezer

A fridge that enables you to keep food as fresh as the day you bought it for up to four times longer1? Yes! That’s what the Green Generation fridge from Whirlpool empowers you to do.

It has clever sensors inside the fridge that constantly monitor the temperature and humidity so that your food stays fresh. The smart
technology behind this is called 6TH SENSE Fresh Control. The fridge knows when you open the fridge door and let in warm air from your kitchen, and it restores the temperature to what it should be five times faster2.

Humidity level is important in fridges as it is the humidity that helps preserve the freshness of your food. By getting the humidity level right, which is where the clever sensors kick in, the natural moisture content in your food is preserved and your food is kept fresher for longer, which helps minimise waste! This energy efficient fridge is A+ in energy rating, which offers you an energy saving of 25%3

The freezer section of the Whirlpool Green Generation fridge freezer is a brilliant time saver too. It has fantastic technology called Never Defrost, whereby you never have the hassle of defrosting your freezer ever again. It does this in a similar way to the fridge where the humidity is constantly monitored and maintained to prevent the formation of ice. This means you do not lose any
space due to the build-up of ice. Not only does this save you time but it also saves energy, and therefore helps you save money.

Whirlpool Green Generation Dishwasher

The Whirlpool Green Generation dishwasher boasts fantastic cleaning results while being incredibly energy efficient. It features a technology called PowerClean MAX which uses powerful water jets at the back of the dishwasher that rotate to clean off any stubborn burnt on food.

These reach the widest possible surface area and are powerful enough to clean heavily
soiled baking trays. This means no more pre-washing or scrubbing by hand, therefore the clean-up after a lovely meal becomes a doddle.

The intelligent technology within the dishwasher recognizes how dirty your crockery is at the start of the programme4 and therefore is able to adjust the wash cycle accordingly so that it uses just the right amount of water, time and energy to get the wash done, with savings of up to 50%5.

Green Generation Washing Machine

Whirlpool Green Generation washing machines offer brilliant cleaning performance with A-30% energy efficiency. Again, the washing machine takes advantage of 6TH SENSE technology whereby it senses the size of your wash load and automatically adjusts water usage. By knowing how dirty your washing is and by constantly monitoring this throughout the cycle4, the washing machine ensures you only use as much water as necessary, helping to save time and energy, and this can produce savings of up to 50%6.

The washing machines also feature Detergent Dosing Recommendation which advises you on the correct detergent dose to use. This is a key feature of the Green Generation washing machines, as detergent accounts for a huge part of the cost of each wash and many people use more detergent than they need to.

Therefore, by using just the correct amount of detergent, you save money and help to protect the environment.

  1. as compared with a Whirlpool total NoFrost refrigerator.
  2. compared to Whirlpool products without 6TH SENSE technology.
  3. compared to A class appliances.
  4. two sensors measure the turbidity of the water and amount of particles within the water. Based on the measurements of these sensors, water consumption, temperature and time are adapted every 90 seconds to run the machine at its optimum time.
  5. comparison between minimum and maximum consumption on 6TH SENSE programme.
  6. comparison between 9kg load and 1kg on Whirlpool washer with 6TH Sense, Cotton 60º programme.