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Which Whirlpool Cooker Hood Is Right For My Kitchen?

Thinking of buying a new kitchen? Not sure which cooker hood you should get? You’re not the only one.

Whirlpool Cooker Hood

For some people, cooker hoods are all about looks, and they want to make their oven, hob, and hood combination stand out from the crowd. When they hold a party, they want their kitchen appliances to be noticed and shout out “Hey,
look at me! Look how much my mummy loves cooking!” Whirlpool cooker hoods certainly won’t disappoint you on this front!

However, as with all kitchen appliances, it’s not enough to just buy the best-looking. Buying one which gives you outstanding performance and matches your lifestyle is what is important. And once again, Whirlpool can help.

6TH SENSE Cooker Hood – Improving air quality in your kitchen

Whirlpool AKR 891 Cooker Hood

Whirlpool’s intelligent 6TH SENSE technology is present in a lot of our home appliances. In essence, what 6TH SENSE does is continually monitor what is happening within your machine, adapts how the machine works as a result, and controls how the machine operates. 6TH SENSE is designed to save you energy, time and money.

With a Whirlpool 6TH SENSE cooker hood all you need to do is turn it on and set it to 6TH SENSE mode. The hood then does all the work for you.

  • Sensing: Sensors detect when you are cooking from vapours and odours in the air and the cooker hood switches itself on automatically. Even when you are not cooking it can detect odours and pollutants in the air and switches itself on – for example, if someone is smoking in your kitchen, the hood will turn on and start to draw the smoke away.
  • Adapting: The hood self-sets to run at just the right power levels. The more things you are cooking and the more steam you produce, the harder the cooker hood will work to draw the vapours and odours away. The fewer pans you have on the hob, the less the hood has to work, which helps to save energy. And this is all done automatically – you don’t have to press a thing!
  • Controlling: By operating only when needed, the hood optimizes your energy consumption, which essentially helps to lower your energy bills, as well as helping to improve air quality within your kitchen.

If you care about only using energy when it’s needed, but want a cooker hood that looks great in your kitchen as well, then choose the Whirlpool 6TH SENSE cooker hood – AKR 891.

6TH SENSE Adaptive Cooker Hood – The hood that adapts on installation

Whirlpool AKR 016 Cooker Hood

Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE adaptive cooker hood uses 6TH SENSE in a slightly different way. The unique self-regulating system automatically adapts to the hood installation conditions. Whether ducted or re-circulating, the clever sensors adjust the motor’s operation to achieve maximum air extraction.

So, what does this mean? Well, a cooker hood can be installed in two ways. It can either be ducted, where the air that is sucked up is passed out of your kitchen and out into the open air, or it can be re-circulating, where the air is sucked
in, cleaned through grease and carbon filters, and then filtered back into the room.

Air Ciculation in a Ducted Cooker Hood   Ducted                         Air Circulation in a Re-circulating Cooker Hood   Re-circulating

You can choose whether you want to install the 6TH SENSE Adaptive Cooker Hood to work as a ducted hood or a re-circulating hood.

The highly efficient motor in this hood automatically adapts to any installation conditions, ensuring the optimal level of airflow and low noise while significantly reducing energy consumption.

If you’re not sure whether you will want a ducted hood or a re-circulating hood in your new kitchen, but you know you want one that looks fabulous, then choose the Whirlpool 6TH SENSE adaptive cooker hood AKR 016.

Deep Silent Cooker Hoods – Maximum performance with minimum sound

Whirlpool AKR 809 Cooker Hood

Cooker hoods featuring the EDS3 system are designed to make your cooking experience even more enjoyable. With this system you will enjoy remarkable noise reduction (more than 35% compared to other hoods), making the kitchen the perfect place to entertain guests – even during cooking.

Taking advantage of the large chimney, the unique design of the canopy and sound-absorbent internal panels, the EDS3 system is designed to optimise airflow, increasing the volume of air taken in while reducing the volume of noise emitted.

If you’re someone who likes big parties in the kitchen, wants clean air, and doesn’t want to spoil the conversation with a noisy cooker hood, then choose the Whirlpool deep silent cooker hood – AKR 809.

There’s more…

There are a lot more Whirlpool cooker hoods to choose from than just these three, but of course the difficult choice is choosing which Whirlpool hob or Whirlpool oven you want to match with your Whirlpool cooker hood!