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Where and when will Apple launch the iPad 3?

If last year was the year of the smartphone then 2012 is looking like the year of the tablet, and users are in for a treat or two over the next 12 months.

Tablets were of course popular in 2011, but some people struggled to see them as anything more than an oversized smartphone that can’t make calls.

Of course, tech addicts everywhere were desperate for one, but they did not come cheap. But as with any technology, the price can only go down, so get ready for an affordable tablet or two over the next 12 months.

As with many of their new innovations, Apple took the lead on tablets. And just as the iPod revolutionised mp3 players, and the iPhone sparked the smartphone boom, the iPad has become the tablet to own.

The US tech giant is now busy readying its latest tablet offering – the iPad 3. We’ve all heard the spec rumours, but where and (more importantly) when will it be launched?

Where will the Apple iPad 3 be launched?

Luckily for us, technology companies are fairly predictable when it comes to their chosen launch location.

Last week, Apple chose New York as the location for the launch of its assault on the education market with an iTunes U update and iBooks 2.

But when it comes to hardware, Apple likes to keep it local. So the most likely place for an iPad 3 launch is the West Coast.

When will the Apple iPad 3 be launched?

When it comes to a launch date, tech companies are a little less predictable. They like to keep us on our toes, and it looks like Apple is doing just that.

The iPad 2 was released in March last year, and many reports had suggested we’d see the iPad 3 a year after that. But fresh rumours are circulating that we’ll see the iPad 3 a little earlier than that.

Steve Jobs’ birthday is on 24 February, and Apple are rumoured to be coinciding the launch of their latest device with this date as a tribute to the great man.

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