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When will we see GTA 5?

The gaming world, much like the tech world, likes to get excited about the next big thing – often a little prematurely.

People are already discussing the next Call of Duty, even though MW3 is still giving us plenty of excellent multiplayer gaming.

But the discussion surrounding the next Call of Duty is nothing compared to the debate over the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 5.

We’ve had little in the way of news about this exciting new release from the gaming geniuses that are Rockstar Games.

GTA 5 trailer

The last we really heard about it was that tantalising trailer released towards the end of last year, which was far too teasing for our liking.

Telling the story of a man who just ‘wanted to retire, be a regular guy and buy a big house’, the trailer brings us back to what appears to be San Andreas.

But as far as detail goes, that’s about it. All else we know is that the graphics will be out of this world, and there’ll be plenty heavy violence to keep us entertained.

But there has been an interesting development recently, concerning the release date of this long-overdue title. So when is GTA 5 coming out?

GTA 5 release date

A leaked document, containing a release schedule for upcoming games, from online retailer Zavvi has started doing the rounds on the internet.

Originally obtained by gaming magazine MCV, the document gives us a number of juicy details for upcoming releases.

Of course, Zavvi is just speculating about a date, but it’s the most accurate date we’ve had so far. The document puts GTA 5’s release at 23 November this year.

This is pretty much in line with what most of us had expected. But with the Xbox 720 expected in early 2013, Rockstar may want to wait to release its new game on a brand new console.