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What You Need to Know About Memory Cards

Memory cards are used in most digital devices, they give the user the ability to store and exchange more data than the gadget would normally allow.

The growing trend for people to download music, television shows and films, as well as pictures, information, and applications has seen the demand for extra memory increase.

Memory cards are usually quite small making them able to easily slot into cameras, tablets, notebooks, PCs and mobile phones, among other devices.

Size, speed, reliability and compatibility are all features of a memory card the consumer should investigate before purchasing one.

When looking to buy a memory card you should consider the following:


The size of the memory card is labelled under how many Gigabytes (GB) it has. This can range from a small 2GB to a 16GB card. A 16GB card, for example, at the higher end of the memory card size, can potentially hold 4,400 pictures.

If you are looking at buying a memory card mainly for holding music files then the higher the GB the more music you will be able to hold. It’s worth remembering that for music memory cards are measured in time as opposed to how many songs it can hold as obviously a 1 minute pop song will use up far less space than that 20 minute live version of Bat Out of Hell you have tucked away on your laptop.

The SANDISK EXTREME 16GB SDHC CARDEXTREME SDHC CARD has a 16 GB storage capacity to transfer data.

This memory card is compatible in SD compatible products, with a 30 MBms reading speed which is a typical feature necessary in high end cameras and camcorders.


When looking for a memory card for your electronic device you should consider the speed you will require it to work at.

If it is for work, and you need to download large volumes of data on a regular basis you will need a memory card that does not slow down your computer.

The greater amount of memory the card can accommodate will also help your device work at a faster speed, too, or until the memory card becomes close to full.

The SANDISK SDCFX-008G-E61EXTREME III COMPACT FLASH CARD is a high speed model with 8GB storage capacity.


While you can buy different amounts of memory, depending on how much you need, the price of a memory card will often reflect how reliable it is.

If you have downloaded a fair amount of music, or videos and photos which not only hold a high personal value but also a high financial value, too, then you will want to ensure they are not lost due to a faulty model.

This is also an important factor for when they are used for business or study purposes.

Even though purchasing a quality memory card will reduce the possibility of it breaking, the user will also have to make sure they look after the memory card carefully.

If you take it out of the device make sure you are gentle with it as they can be very delicate.

A basic IT WORKS SD 2 GB/SD Card for example costs only £9.18 but has a 2GB storage capacity, so this would benefit those who are not looking for too much memory.

The FUJIFILM 8GB SDHC SD CARDSDHC Card in comparison has 8GB storage capacity, and can be used to transfer data, images and music.


Compatibility is something you should investigate before and during the purchase of a memory card so you know it will work in the device you need it to.

You can sometimes buy a memory card alongside the device you need it for – otherwise check that it is compatible and fits into the slot designed for memory card usage.

Sometimes an electronic manufacturer will produce different types of memory cards depending on the quality of the camera, either professional standard or consumer.

The SONY 4GB PRO DUO MEMORY STICK for example allows transfer of data between Sony devices specifically.

This memory stick has 4GB of memory and can be used for storing, sharing and transferring data, including high quality pictures, videos and music.

Purchasing a Memory Card

If you require extra memory for a device such as your camera, make sure you investigate how much you are prepared to pay for it and for how long you need it to last.

If you have an old family camera you intend replacing shortly then it may only be worth getting a smaller memory card, unless you plan on taking thousands of photos by the time it comes to buying a new one.

A professional photographer or a student studying in this field may want to invest in a higher quality brand to cope with the snaps they intend on taking on a daily basis.

If you are in doubt about which memory card will be compatible with your camera then take it along with you when purchasing the card to get professional advice.

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