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What would you give up to keep the internet?

A survey has revealed what Brits would give up for a year to maintain their connection to the internet, with some surprising results.

When history looks back on this generation, the birth and subsequent growth of the internet will surely be thing that we are most remembered for.

Plenty of momentous events have taken place in the last 20 years, but nothing has had the impact on almost every aspect of life like the internet has.

The web has come a long way in its relatively short life. There was a time when we had to choose between surfing the net or being available to receive calls to our house phone.

Then broadband came along and gave us quicker speeds, and the ability to make calls at the same time. It has been getting quicker every since, with superfast 4G connectivity in Britain just around the corner.

A study has found that Britain’s love of the web runs a little deeper than other countries. In 2010, more than 13.5% of all purchases in the UK were made online – far more than any other major economy.

And our love shows no sign of abating, especially if the findings of a survey are to be believed. Brits were asked what they would give up for a year in order to keep their internet connection, and many of us were willing to give up quite a lot in order to stay connected.

The majority of people said they would give up chocolate or coffee, with 76% and 78% of people respectively saying they would give these up to keep their web connection.

Surprisingly, almost two thirds of us said we would give up alcohol for a year and a quarter would even give up sex. But who needs sex when you’ve got the internet?

Worryingly, almost two fifths of people said they would go without showering for an entire year just to surf the web. We love the internet as much as most people, but that seems like a step too far.