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What we want in Asus Transformer Prime 2

There are lots of great tablets set for release this year, from Apple’s next iPad to a Galaxy Tab or two, and another PlayBook.

So far, we’ve had nothing in the way of sales figures from Asus yet. But it’s early days, and the incredibly positive reviews should translate into sales.

And for people looking for something a bit different to the standard tablet, the Transformer Prime is a very attractive alternative.

It looks great, is a little more-user friendly with the detachable keyboard, and has the proud honour of being the world’s first tablet to pack a quad-core processor under the bonnet.

But with a raft of high-end tablets due to hit our stores in the next couple of months, Asus has already started thinking about a follow-up.

We got a look at a Prime update at CES last month, in the form of the Prime 700. But the improvements were so minimal it is barely worth thinking about.

In terms of a proper follow-up, all we’ve had so far are some so-called ‘authentic’ pictures of the Transformer Prime 2, which are dubious at best. But what would we like to see in the Asus Transformer Prime 2?

Better camera

The Transformer Prime has a pretty decent 8MP camera on it, and the Prime 700 is set to have a 2MP camera on the front. But we want more!

OK, so you’re not exactly going to be taking the Prime on a night out, but improvements are always a good thing, and it’ll make Skype that bit more realistic.

Another quad-core CPU

Asus has already pulled off something of a coup with the first quad-core Tegra 3 processor, so we want to see another one whacked in there for good measure.

Bluetooth keyboard

The detachable keyboard works perfectly on the Prime, and is one of the reasons why many people will be rushing out to buy one.

But how about a detachable keyboard that’s also wireless, so you can use the Prime from a distance?

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