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What Type of Toaster Are You?

Whether you like it black as coal and as solid as a baseball bat, barely crisp and dripping in butter, or perfectly golden with a splatter of peanut butter and jam, the British toaster has to cater for a range of different tastes and fads almost 24 hours a day.

But what can we expect from a modern day toaster? Surely they have evolved to provide more than the warmed bread we have become accustomed to for a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes even a midnight snack?

Check out these toaster types to discover exactly what type of toaster best fits your needs:

The Pop-up Toaster

These types of toaster work on a spring device where the bread is placed in the top and the amount of heat is controlled by settings which produce similar results each time.

The Breville PT15 White 2 Slice Toaster is a good example of a pop-up toaster providing the basic toasting needs of a toast-loving household.

It has a frozen bread setting and a crumb tray so your kitchen does not get littered with breadcrumbs.

Or for something slightly different the Bosch TAT6901GB2 Slice Coolwall Toaster enables you to warm rolls and croissants on the top without having to squash them into the slots.

Toaster Slot Capacity

There are some households who battle it out each morning for use of the toaster, so these models provide multiple slots for several slices of bread and larger holes so bagels and thicker slices of bread can also fit in.

The Dualit 462054 Slice Toaster gives you the option to toast four slices of bread at the same time. This handy gadget also enables you to warm bagels one side and toast the other, with a peak and pop function to check the bread is not getting too burnt.

Fast Toasting Toasters

Sometimes you cannot help oversleeping, and having a quick slice of toast before you leave could mean the difference to you having a bad day or a not too bad one, and these fast toasting toasters help a rushed morning.

The Krups FEM2312 Slice Coolwall Toaster is a good example of such a model. This two slice toaster quickly warms breads, muffins, pastries and other baked goods without drying them out, and also comes with an easy to clean, removable crumb tray.