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What tech to buy the man who has everything…

Buying Christmas gifts is hard enough, but what do you get the male gadget lover who already has everything?

Well, if you’ve got a bit of cash to splash on him, I have a few ideas. Here are eight gadgets for the home he’ll love.

Samsung 55″ 3DTV – £4,999.99

Assuming he lives in a big house, why not buy the latest in television technology from Samsung? A whopping 55 inches of widescreen eye-popping 3D, with Freeview HD built in. Perfect for all those Christmas movies, and beyond.

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Slendertone System Ab Muscle Toner – £111.99

Having spent the entire festive period eating, drinking and playing on the Xbox, it’s time to get fit. For those times when the gym is too much of an effort, this advanced abs toner is just the ticket and will show the results in one month. Just make sure he doesn’t undo all the good work in January when February 1 comes around.

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Britannia Dual Fuel Cooker – £10,219.99

If gadget boy is hankering to be the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, and his kitchen is large enough to accommodate this beast, how about serving up this dual fuel range cooker. He’ll be whipping up a banquet in no time with two multifunction ovens, a rotisserie, and more burners than he has pans.

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Liebherr American Fridge Freezer – £5,049.99

There’s plenty of room for beer and food in this large capacity stainless steel American style fridge and drawer freezer. It’s not quite ‘walk-in’, but close. And with that massive cooker to rustle up grub on, you’ll need this amount of cold storage for all the ingredients.

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Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera – £699.99

Being a gadget freak, he probably already has at least one digital camera, but there’s no harm in offering one of Canon’s most up-to-date digital SLRs. The 550D boasts an 18-megapixel digital sensor and plenty of features, so he can take embarrassing photos of his mates in excruciating detail.

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Magimix Ice Cream Machine – £259.99

Yes, yes, that freezer can hold all the Ben & Jerry’s you could wish for, but there’s something about making your own ice cream that just makes life taste even sweeter. This Magimix makes the whole process simple and you’ll be scooping up addictive flavours of ice in less time than it takes to say “mine’s a 99!”.

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Miele Coffee Maker – £1,399.00

There will be no more need to queue at the coffee shop with this incredible machine to make perfect espresso-based drinks at the touch of a button. It has more ways to produce coffee than you’ve had hot cups of it in your lifetime and it looks the business. In fact, you could invite all your friends around and charge them half the price of what they’d pay for a flat white on the high street.

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Bose iPod Dock – £549.99

Ideal for the lounge, kitchen, bedroom or study, Bose makes top-drawer audio equipment. Your audiophile can plug in an iPod, iPhone or any other music player and this dock will pump out crystal clear audio for him to enjoy. It sounds simply amazing.

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Prices correct at time of publishing