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What sound options are available for my TV?

Nicam Stereo

Simple, clear stereo sound that comes from the TVs built-in speakers. NICAM is the system used by terrestrial analogue televsion broadcasters to deliver stereophonic sound to domestic televsions sets.

Virtual Dolby

The next step on from Nicam, this system spreads the sound around the room from twin built-in speakers to give the impression of surround sound.

Dolby ProLogic

A five-speaker system which most programmes are broadcast in.

Virtual Surround Sound

A sound setting which simulates Surround Sound. To get true surround, you’ll need to put speakers in front and behind you with the use of a home cinema speaker system.

Home Cinema Systems

A separate sound system which gives you the ultimate experience for your ears, as well as your eyes. You’ll have to buy a home cinema system or home theatre kit as an extra to give you the best sound from your TV.

Dolby Digital 5.1

The official sound standard for High Definition TV, has five separate sound channels from left, right, centre, rear left and rear right, plus a sixth channel dedicated entirely to the bass.

More advanced home cinema systems often feature a powerful subwoofer to give true Surround Sound.

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