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What overheating? New iPad Is a Hit With Users

A survey has been conducted into the overall satisfaction levels of owners of the new iPad, with the results giving us a different picture than recent media coverage has.

The new iPad is a great device, but there have been numerous reports from around the world about the device’s problems.

The top complaint has been about the new iPad’s temperature, with thousands of users complaining that the device overheats when used for even a short amount of time.

Disgruntled users took to Apple forums to voice their frustration, saying that the iPad overheats around the processor – and is especially bad when they play high-quality 3D games.

But that wasn’t all. Other users were grumbling about the Wi-Fi reception on their iPad, saying its ability to remotely connect to the web is worse than in the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4S.

Overall satisfaction with new iPad

So Apple will be pleased with the results of a survey by research firm ChangeWave, which found that the vast majority of iPad users are pleased with their purchase.

When asked how satisfied they were with their new iPad 3, an overwhelming 82% said they were ‘very satisfied’, while 16% said they were ‘somewhat satisfied’.

Just 2% said they were ‘somewhat unsatisfied’, while none of the respondents said they were very unsatisfied. But what about drawbacks; is there anything that users dislike about the new iPad?

New iPad complaints

There were a couple of issues amongst users, but for the majority overheating was not one of them. The top complaint was price, with 26% saying the cost of the iPad was what they disliked most.

The second most-common gripe was, you guessed it, another price issue. The cost of a wireless data plan was highlighted by 23% of respondents.

As for excessive heat, it appears to be somewhat of a non-issue with just 7% naming this as the thing they disliked the most.

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