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What exactly will the Apple iPad 3 be called?

The tech world will not be sleeping soundly tonight, as Apple’s launch of its next-gen tablet is a matter of hours away.

It has been a long wait for techies and Apple fans alike, but after a cryptic press invite was sent out last week we’ve just been counting the minutes.

The press conference announcement did very little to stop the iPad 3 rumour mill from continuing its barrage of speculation.

There is a general consensus over certain aspects of Apple’s latest device, after the more outrageous claims had been laid to rest.

Numerous reports have pointed to a 9.7-inch screen with a 2048 x 1536 retina display, a quad-core Apple A6 processor, and a slightly thicker body.

The tech world debate now concerns the next-gen iPad’s name, with a number of different suggestions as to what it may be. So what will the iPad 3 actually be called?

Apple iPad 3 to be iPad 2S

This worrying rumour was sparked by a Chinese manufacturer that produces iPad cases. The company in question, called Chineestyle, is boldly already selling cases for the new iPad – with the name iPad 2S.

The company says it built the cases based on information given to it by an Apple supply chain vendor. It isn’t completely unlikely that we’ll see an iPad 2S tomorrow, but Apple might not want to anger fans in the same way as it did with the iPhone 4S.

And given that the iPad 3 is set to be a big upgrade to the iPad 2 – more so than the 4S was to the 4 – the 2S does not seem fitting.

Apple iPad 3 to be iPad HD

This is a far more likely scenario, with a number of tech blogs and manufacturers proclaiming the new iPad to be the iPad HD.

It would be in keeping with the new iPad’s proposed high-definition retina display, and some reports have claimed that Apple is moving away from the generational naming of devices.

Whatever the name of the next-gen tablet, the eyes of the tech world will all be on tomorrow’s event in San Francisco. Let the countdown commence!